The European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF)

The European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF)

EIMF offers preferential rates on a selection of programs. For access CIBA members will need to include a predetermined promotional code to be provided on request by CIBA. Details on the programs are listed below:

EXIN Privacy & Data Protection: Foundation Certificate in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Candidates will learn how to plan a risk adverse, change driven, continuous and well thought through compliance programme with applicable accountability management of multifaceted roles like Data Protection Officer (DPO), Data Controller, and Data Processor under the GDPR.

Duration: 2 days (14 hours), Dates: To be announced for 2020 Click here for more details

HRDA eligible €292, non-HRDA eligible €530 (both + €100.70 VAT)

Certificate in Investment Fund Services

Professionals in financial services and particularly those in the fund sector need to have sound knowledge and a clear understanding across a scope of areas pertaining to Funds, including the specifics of the industry, the varying fund structures, the legal framework, fund strategies, taxation and other vital areas, so as to be able to effectively perform their duties and manage their responsibilities accurately, whilst assist their clients and organisations achieve the required outcomes.

Duration: 24 hours, Dates: 16 & 30/10, 13 & 27/11 Click here for more details

HRDA eligible €492, non-HRDA eligible €780 (both + €148.20 VAT)

The Human Resources Function in the Financial Services Sector

This training programme uses the latest know-how from disciplines including HR, management and leadership to create a practical and thought-provoking programme that is a must for HR managers to rethink their role and mindset and equip them with the tools, skills and techniques they need to guide them and their organisation to success.

Duration: 14 hours, Dates: 23 & 30 / 11 Click here for more details

Fee: HRDA eligible €292, non-HRDA eligible €530 (both + €100.70 VAT)

Managing People Successfully: Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, Delegation, Feedback and Development of High Performing Teams

This programme zeros-in on the competencies of emotional intelligence that will enable managers to run their departments on a day-to-day basis, develop their staff and enable the creation of a productive climate and corporate culture conducive to the growth and success of the business.  Using learnings from the latest thinking and research in the fields of psychology management and neuroscience, the programme will challenge and stretch managers thinking as well as providing the opportunity for them to practice many of the skills taught.

Duration: 21 hours, Dates: 5 & 7 /11, 5/12 Click here for more details

Fee: HRDA eligible €412, non-HRDA eligible €650 (both + €123.50 VAT)

Loan Documentation and Master Agreement

This intensive course will cover all aspects of a loan transaction, concentrating particularly on the agreement itself and on the legal implications of a properly drafted and incorrectly drafted document.

You will be taken step-by-step through the process of documenting a loan, from the early stages of pre-contractual issues, letters of commitment and written offers, through to administrative provisions, representations, covenants, defaults, transfer provisions, guarantees and the eventuality of insolvency.

Duration: 14 hours, Dates: 11 & 12/11 Click here for more details

Fee: HRDA eligible €322, non-HRDA eligible €560 (both + €106.40 VAT)

Directors’ Development Programme

This three-day programme will provide Directors with a wealth of knowledge and insight into the three most essential areas for any Director – corporate governance, board strategy, and leadership.

Duration: 3 days (21 hours), Dates: 21 & 28/11, 5/12  Click here for more details

Fee: HRDA eligible €473, non-HRDA eligible €830 (both + €157.70 VAT)

Directors’ Roles and Responsibilities

Serving on a Board of Directors exposes individual members to joint and individual legal liabilities, not to mention reputational risk. By joining this seminar, you get a good understanding the expectations on the Board of Directors resulting for the legal and regulatory context

Duration: 6 hours, Date: 4/12  Click here for more details

Fee: €220 + VAT

Directors and Officers Insurance: Common Policies and Usual terms in Universal Practice

This seminar will provide an overview of D&O insurance and the key terms in the documentation, whereas it will offer all updates on case law and a clear guidance on how the usual conditions and exemptions apply.

Duration: 6 hours, Date: 18/12 Click here for more details

Fee: €220 + VAT

Certificate in Governance, Financial Regulations and Compliance

Corporate governance has proven to be a critical factor for any organisation, and even more so for financial institutions, affecting their sustainability, growth and overall future. Being a compliant firm in the Financial Services sector is not the easiest of things to achieve, therefore, it is vital that a well-documented plan of action and a disciplined implementation guide are prepared and followed.

Duration: 28 hours, Date: 5 & 11/11,  4 & 6/12 Click here for more details

Fee: HRDA eligible €499.50, non-HRDA eligible €950 (both + €180.50 VAT)

Certificate in Risk Analysis in Projects and Business Finance

The programme will present the basic methodology for cash flow projections and financial modelling in investment appraisal. It will then focus on the application of risk analysis using the Monte Carlo simulation methodology. In this respect, the use of RiskEase (a state-of-the-art software for applying risk analysis to Excel models) and a number of case-studies will be used to enable the participants to employ this acquired knowledge.

Duration: 35 hours, Dates: 12, 14, 19, 21, 26/11 Click here for more details

Fee: HRDA Eligible: €400, Non-HRDA Eligible: €995 (both + €189.05 VAT)

Certificate in Company Law and Corporate Administration

Participants shall acquire a solid understanding of the types of Cyprus companies, the relationship between members and officers and their respective obligations and liabilities, the nature of the share capital, the business of Directors’ and Shareholders’ Meetings and their respective Resolutions.

Through practical examples HE forms will be completed and the bank account opening procedure shall be presented.

Duration: 28 hours, Dates: 19, 21, 26, 28/11 Click here for more details

Fee: HRDA eligible €389, non-HRDA eligible €725 (both + €137.75 VAT)

Corporate Governance for Credit Institutions and Investment Firms

The corporate governance framework of banks and investment firms consists of specific and detailed legislative rules (CRD IV and MiFID II) and guidelines issued from the European Banking Authority (EBA), the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the national supervisory authorities.

Duration: 6 hours, Date: 18/11 Click here for more details

Fee: €180 + VAT

Drafting Commercial Contracts

The training course focuses on the structure, terms and conditions of a basic commercial contract and pays enough attention to the importance of contract interpretation as well as provides an overview on the allocation of risk between the parties. It also briefly discusses the factors influencing the drafting process and allows time to have the participants engaged in various drafting exercises and reviewing certain commercial contract clauses

Duration: 14 hours. Date: 2 & 5/12 Click here for more details

Fee: HRDA Eligible: €292, Non-HRDA Eligible €530 (both + €100.7 VAT)

Risk Governance Workshop

This programme will provide participants the opportunity to understand how risk management and oversight is achieved through intentional and methodical planning and preparation, underpinned by an enabling risk culture exemplified by the Board of Directors and Senior Management.

Duration: 6 hours, Date: 2/12 Click here for more details

Fee: €180 + VAT