Additional Support Measures announced by the Ministerial Council today April 23rd, 2020

A latest update on the decisions taken by the Ministerial Council today April 23rd based on the Minister of Labour Mrs. Zeta Emilianidou’s recommendations:

  1. For the purpose of payment of the special unemployment benefit, the insurable income to be taken into account will be based on 2018 insurable earning as well as January 2020 stated earnings. The paid amount will be the higher amount that results from the above comparison when carrying out a 60% calculation of both amounts.
  2. A special plan will be implemented for employees who first started working in January and February 2020 under the strict precondition that they are declared by their employees.
  3. A minimum amount will be instituted and received as Special Unemployment Benefit or Special Sickness Benefit.
  4. Additional measures will be taken to ensure the identification of Bank Accounts
  5. The inclusion of persons over 65 years of age who do not receive an institutionalized pension and continue to work.
  6. No application may be accepted if the Social Insurance Number inserted is not confirmed at the time of registration.
  7. New categories of economic activity that had been excluded from 13/4/20 to 12/6/20 will be included in the schemes.
  8. In addition, for those for whom the regular unemployment benefits from the Social Insurance Fund have been completed, to join the Special Plans to receive a Special Unemployment benefits for the period 13/4/20 until 12/6/20.
  9. To make additional supplementary payments for cases falling under paragraphs (1) and (3).
  10. To give to all employees the right to participate in the Partial Suspension payment plan regardless of whether they are general managers or shareholders, for small businesses that employ up to nine employees.

The above arrangements are aimed at supporting workers during the crisis due to the pandemic of coronavirus and will continue to be valid for the period until 12 June 2020 and with further support from both businesses and employers until 12 October 2020. , without being considered as a precedent for the payment of the usual unemployment benefits after the expiration of the above period.

We will provide additional details as and when communicated,

The original press release in Greek can be found HERE.