Amendments on Movement by Exception Application Procedures as issued by the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy

The Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy has announced a number of amendments that we need to bear in mind when it comes to movement outside our homes for exceptional circumstances and which can be also found in English-  English – and in Russian – Russian:

  • For all movements by exception each confirmation of movement  concerns only one such move.
  • Civilian movements are allowed only once per day.
  • With regards to the approval process for movement for exceptional reasons:
    • For persons under 65 y.o. movement can be carried out ONLY by sending a written SMS to 8998 in the approved format
    • For  persons over 65 y.o. ONLY, movement for exceptional reasons is carried out in three ways:
      • Written SMS to 8998
      • Completion and printout of Movement Form B (
      • Citizens’ Solemn Declaration: In the event that citizens do not have access to the announced forms for the confirmation of movement, they may carry with them a handwritten confirmation containing the following information: full name, date of birth, identification proof (e.g. ID card number), home address, time of movement as well as the specific purpose of that movement (which must fall within the categories excluded from the prohibition of unnecessary movements, as these are stipulated in the relevant Decree), signature and date.

During each movement, citizens must have with them, in order to show it in the event of a check, the filled-out form for the confirmation of movement (print out or handwritten) or the confirmation SMS that they have received, as well as identification proof as follows:

  • Cyprus citizens: Cyprus ID card
  • European citizens: Registration confirmation
  • Third country nationals: Residence permit

Regarding ONLY European citizens and third country nationals who justifiably do not have a registration confirmation or a residence permit, respectively, then, by way of exception, another identification document will be accepted (e.g. international passport, international ID card, diplomatic passport).

Updated instructions on SMS can be found here:  SMS Instructions