The CIBA 23rd Annual General Meeting took place with great success, on Friday 2nd December 2016 at the Amathus Hotel in Limassol with exclusive sponsor EY.

In the closed session the General Secretary read his report for the year 2016. The full report can be read here CIBA AGM 2016

CIBA was honoured to have the President of the Republic H.E. Mr Nikos Anastassiades, attend and address the CIBA members.

In the presence of high ranking officials and VIP guests the President of the Association Mr. Frixos Savvides gave his welcoming speech  (read the full speech here fs-speech-ciba-agm-2016) to guests and members alike, this was followed by the speech of the President of the Republic (read the full speech here president-speech-ciba-2016.

Subsequently,  the Annual CIBA Business award was presented to the Mr. Sergey Galin the Founder of BeFlexi Ltd.

The Annual CIBA Business award  this year was  aimed at a START UP Company, in order to acknowledge the importance and the efforts of the Government to encourage the set- up of new businesses  and entrepreneurial  ventures as well as their significant impact on FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT  and the Cyprus economy at large.

Upon being presented with the award the CEO of BeFlexi Ltd. Mr. Sergey Galin stated “It is an honour to receive such recognition from the Cyprus International Business Association. I am deeply grateful to the Cyprus government and business community for giving me the opportunity to develop this innovative and international company. What started out as a small team with an idea, has now, with the support of Cyprus, grown into a business model that can bring a positive change to international trade. I truly believe in the possibilities of flexitank technology, not only for businesses involved in bulk product storage and transportation, but also to support local governments and municipalities in emergency situations. I am strongly invested in the future of Cyprus and therefore want to continue supporting the local economy and community and wish for a prosperous partnership for many years to come.”

Reference to the CIBA BUSINESS AWARD

4 years ago  the CIBA executive committee decided to give  an annual CIBA BUSINESS AWARD to  a member of CIBA that has excelled in its business  thus recognizing the importance and the contribution of the International Business Community to the Cyprus economy

The 1st CIBA award in 2013 was for INNOVATION and was awarded to Avanti Hylas 2 Cyprus Ltd. , a UK PLC Satellite Telecom company.

The 2nd CIBA award was awarded in 2014 for FINANCIAL SERVICES  to Windsor Brokers Ltd , a very old established and well known Company operating from Limassol for over 25 years.

The 3rd CIBA award was awarded in 2015  to RCB Bank Ltd.  for their TRUST AND CONFIDENCE in the Cyprus economy.

The 2016 CIBA award has been awarded to BeFlexi  Ltd.

We wish to thank the exclusive sponsors of this event EY for supporting this CIBA event.