CIBA Annual General Meeting 16 February 2022 @ 4pm via ZOOM

The Annual General Meeting was held on 16 February 2022 at 16.00 hrs via a ZOOM meeting.

The meeting was highly attended by the CIBA members and proceeded to its business at 16.00 hours chaired by the General Secretary Andreas Pishias.

He introduced the President of the Association Mrs. Doxia Nikia Hadjivassiliou, who welcomed everyone and delivered her address. Read the full address here AGM speech 2021 final

The General Secretary thanked the President for her speech and welcomed Ms. Ann Loizou the Chief People Officer and Assurance Partner of PwC to update the meeting regarding the 2020 Audited Financial Accounts.

After a brief overview of the accounts given by Ms. Loizou, the General Secretary enquired regarding questions from the audience, having received no response, the General Secretary expressed his appreciation and thanked Ms. Anna Loizou of PWC for their work and support during 2020 and for offering their services to CIBA pro bono.

It was also unanimously approved to appoint PWC as CIBA auditors for the FS 31 December 2021, which was accepted.

The Financial Statements of the Association can be found here Financial Statements 2020

Thank you to PwC for their support of the Association.

Thereafter, Mr. Andreas Pishias presented to the Meeting the Executive Committee Report of CIBA and the activities of the Association throughout 2021. Read the full report here Executive Committee Report 2021

In closing, he thanked all the CIBA members for their support and reiterated that the Association was there to assist where needed. In addition, he also thanked the President, the Executive Committee members of CIBA and Margarita Alexandrou Papadopoulou for their support and contribution to the Association throughout the year.

Subsequently, the General Secretary  declared the Meeting closed.