CIBA SUPPORTED THE CYPRUS IT FORUM held at the Parklane Hotel in May 2019

CIBA was a proud supporter of the CYPRUS IT FORUM where 300+ IT businessmen, investors and government officials got together to discuss the micro- and macro developments in the IT industry.

This year the speakers were the CEO’s from the Cyprus largest international IT companies (Nexters Global,, Haxus AI Incubator) and world famous guest speakers (Google, Yandex, Hollywood).

The agenda was based on some of the main business challenges in the industry, namely:
• How to approach international markets from Cyprus (personal hints from Nick Dvas, CEO,
• The power of your business’ e-community: how to grow and scale with your audience (Dmitry Navosha,, CEO)
• Investing in a tech company: instruction for an amateur investor how not to lose time & money (Roman Ivanyuk, Managing Partner, GR Capital);
• Surviving in a world of big data: advice for SMEs on how to grow your business (Grigory Bakunov, Head of Technology, Yandex)

CITF also had the support of the following:

• Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism
• CySec
• National Betting Authority
• Invest.Cyprus
• Google
• Yandex
• Nexters Global
• Parimatch
• Cablenet

CIBA members were able to benefit, by receiving special reduced fees to participate at the event.

Cyprus IT Forum’s mission is to develop the island’s progressive community and bring together like-minded people. To become the ground where the foreign IT community can network with the local business and grow together. For that CITF has approached all main local business associations to ask for the assistance in this mission.