Clarifications of the Ministry of Health regarding the new measures to stop the pandemic as issued today 26/11/2021

This is an unofficial translation of the Ministry of Health Announcement here. We circulate the official translated document once available.

The Ministry of Health clarifies that:

  1. From November 29th , the age limit for mask use is reduced to 6 years, in all areas where the use of the protective mask is required.
    • The decision also includes primary schools, while 6-year-old children attending pre-primary education are excluded. Outside of school, children must wear a mask in all areas where the use of a protective mask is mandatory under the decrees.
    • Persons with lack of conscious thought processes (με απώλεια συνείδησης) or who are unable to remove their mask without help due to severe motor or mental illness are excluded.
    • Persons with severe autism and people diagnosed with acute or chronic conditions of severe respiratory distress are excluded.
  1. From November 29, all primary school students will undergo a rapid antigen test on a weekly basis, through the mobile sampling units of the Ministry of Health, until the end of the school year for the Christmas holidays.
    • Children are allowed to come to the school units during the first week of implementation of the measure without having undergone a laboratory test, as it will be conducted at the school.
    • Guidelines will be given by the Ministry of Education
  2. From November 29, all school events are suspended. For other Christmas events organized by various other organizations, approval must be obtained from the Ministry of Health at:
    • School picture-taking for Christmas will be allowed on a per one person, in compliance with all health protocols, provided that photographers will have a valid SafePass.
  3. From 29 November, control of SafePass possession using the CovScan Cyprus app will apply to people aged 14 and over.
    • The presentation of the digital certificate in printed form is also allowed.
  4. From November 29th, in areas of high risk of transmission of the virus, where case chains will be detected, tests will be performed with a rapid antigen test (rapid test) through the mobile units of the Ministry of Health, regardless of age and vaccination history.
    • The high risk areas will be determined by the Tracing and Epidemiological Surveillance Unit of the Ministry of Health and the affected structures or local authorities will be informed.
  5. From December 13th, all citizens will be given the opportunity to conduct a self-test. The cost for the supply of self-test will be borne by the citizen in case of unvaccinated persons, while in the case of vaccinated persons, they will be subsidized by the Ministry of Health and will be prescribed by the Personal Doctors.
    • It is clarified that the self-tests do not replace the tests with rapid antigen detection test or PCR for SafePass purposes and that in case of a positive result the result will be confirmed by PCR and the Personal Physician should be informed. More information on availability and use will be announced in the coming days.
  6. From December 15th , ONLY people who have received at least one dose of the vaccine can enter the following areas with the necessary condition to have a negative result of PCR laboratory test or rapid antigen test (rapid test).
  1. indoor and outdoor courts/stadiums
        1. Excludes professional athletes, workers in sports facilities and people aged 12 to 18, who train or compete in sports venues.
  1. theaters, amphitheaters, cinemas,
        1. Employees are excluded from above by presenting a negative PCR laboratory test or rapid antigen test.
  • nightclubs, discotheques, music and dance venues and restaurants (including shopping malls)
        1. Employees are excluded from above by submitting a negative PCR laboratory test or rapid antigen test
        2. Hotel occupants are excluded, and will be able to visit the on-site dining areas, provided they have a valid SafePass.
        3. Children aged 6-11 are excluded, assuming they have a SafePass, while children under 6 are not subject to any restrictions.
        4. In all other areas not mentioned above, the existing provisions based on the decrees continue to apply.
        5. The provisions of the decree that are currently in force continue to apply to tourists.
  1. As of December 18, SafePass will be abolished for those who have not received the booster dose 7 months after the start of their initial vaccination. However, for persons who have passed the period of 7 months after taking the 2nd dose, they will be able to enter the above areas ONLY by presenting a negative PCR laboratory test or rapid antigen test (rapid test), in digital form.
    • The Ministry will announce in the coming days the reduction of the age limit for vaccination to people aged 30 and over.
    • In cases of persons who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, the exemption only applies after approval by the Ad Hoc Committee of the Pancyprian Medical Association.
    • Exclusion applies to persons who have been ill, provided that the period of 6 months from the day of illness has not lapsed and they have a certificate of recovery

SafePass requirements by age:

  • 0-5 years there is no restriction.
  • 6-11 years old requires a negative laboratory test on a weekly basis (excluding children 6 years old attending pre-primary education).

SafePass requirements by age with at least one vaccine dose, or up to 6 months of illness certificate:

  • 12-17 years old require a negative laboratory test every 72hrs (PCR or rapid antigen test).
  • 18 and over requires a negative laboratory test every 72hrs in case of PCR and 48 hours in case of rapid antigen test.

Rapid Antigen Test (Rapid test)

  • Individuals who have received one dose of a vaccine will be entitled to a free laboratory test for rapid antigen detection through the Ministry of Health program, for a period of 3 weeks after the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine and 4 weeks after administration of the  Moderna vaccine.
  • Individuals who have completed their vaccination regimen and have not received the 3rd dose will not be eligible for a free Rapid Antigen test after 7 months from their initial vaccination.