COVID-19 Announcement by Ministry of Health – Social gatherings in homes should be held in fixed small groups of people

The Ministry of Health reminds us that the measure for a maximum of 10 persons (including minors) in homes is in force, according to the Decree in Greek here of the Minister of Health.

This measure was decided on the basis of the broader philosophy of the measures in force and focusing on the restriction of social gatherings and contacts achieved through the creation of small stable groups (or bubbles) in accordance with the recommendations of the European Center for Infection Control (ECDC).

In the days leading up to the Christmas holidays, it was observed in many cases that, although the measure of 10 people per house was observed, these groups were different in each gathering, a phenomenon that is far from the philosophy of constant contacts and carries risks for the virus dispersion and the emergence of serial cases.

The period we are going through is particularly difficult for the epidemiological picture of the country, since the increased numbers in the hospitalizations show that the Health System is already under a lot of pressure. The coming weeks will be crucial for the resilience of hospitals in infrastructure and human resources, as some of the positive events of these days are expected to require hospitalization. In order for health professionals to be able to help COVID-19 patients who may need treatment, the citizens’ contribution and the careful behavior and implementation of the relevant protocols by the whole society is needed, and first of all the reduction of contacts.

The original announcement in Greek can be found Here.