COVID 19 Release Protocol Review and Automation of the Release Process

As per latest announcement here in Greek, the Ministry of Health informs the citizens that from January 17, 2022, the release of people positive for COVID-19 will be done automatically after the completion of ten days of self-isolation from the date of test with the first positive result, with day zero being considered the date of the first positive test .

It is noted that the date of onset of symptoms will not be taken into account, while the release process will take place without the participation of Personal Physicians.

People who are found to be positive with COVID19 should continue to inform GPs about their positive result, so that their health can be monitored and their sick leave issued, where necessary.

In cases where the Personal Physician considers that the self-isolation of the case should be continued due to persistent symptoms (fever and non-improvement of the remaining symptoms two days before release) or in the case of immunosuppressed patients, the period of self-isolation may be extended. 

Citizens will be automatically notified on their mobile phone via SMS the night before their release date.

Personal Physicians have been informed about the above procedure.

It is reminded that citizens who are detected positive for the virus will now have to fill in their details on the online platform, regardless of whether they have to declare close contacts, in order to be released automatically after 10 days of self-isolation.