COVID-19 – Update on Restrictive Measures as communicated by the Minister of Health Mr. Constantinos Ioannou – 11/11/2020

As per Ministry of Health announcement Full Text in Greek key measures have been agreed at a national and local level (for Limassol and Paphos at this stage).

The final decisions were taken in line with the recommendations of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). The Minister of Health and the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit are in constant contact with the ECDC, so that any of the decisions taken are in line with the updated guidelines issued for all European countries. The ECDC recommendation has been that any emergency measures decided should be focused locally, where there is a worsening of the epidemiological burden, but social contact and interaction should be also minimized.

Taking into account all the above factors, the following two emergency packages were decided:

Section A – Emergency measures with a national effect:

The following measures announced on 4 November 2020 shall remain in force until 30 November 2020:

  1. The presence of persons in gatherings in homes and in public gathering places is allowed, except catering establishments, with a maximum number of gatherings of 10 people per house / group, including minors.
  2. The operation of the dining establishmentss is allowed until 10:30 in the evening. Dining establishments include restaurants, restaurants within hotels and other tourist accommodation, restaurants within malls, department stores and malls, taverns, cafes, pizzerias, pubs, snack bars, bars, cafes , and dining areas within canteens and / or sports clubs, cultural clubs, clubs, associations, etc. It is clarified that the above areas may provide home delivery services after 10:30 pm. The restaurants in Larnaca and Paphos Airports are excluded from the ban.
  3. The maximum number of persons allowed to be served in the catering establishments is set at 75 people indoors and 150 people outdoors.
  4. The maximum number of persons per reservation / table / group in restaurants, cannot exceed 6 people.
  5. The movement of persons is prohibited from 11 pm to 5 am the next day, excluding travel for emergency medical reasons (from / to pharmacy, hospital) or for work purposes, upon presentation of a relevant certificate or evidence.
  6. Ecclesiastical and other forms of religious worship in churches, mosques and other religious sites, as well as religious ceremonies, are performed with a maximum number of 75 people, in accordance with the protocols applicable to places of religious worship.
  7. Games can be held in sports facilities, in the context of sports championships, without the presence of spectators, provided that the relevant protocols are observed.
  8. The use of locker rooms inside gyms is prohibited.

In addition to the above, the following measures are implemented on a nationwide basis for the period from November 12 to November 30, 2020:

  • The operation of playgrounds, theme parks and luna parks is suspended.
  • Conferences, trade and art exhibitions, assemblies and events are prohibited.
  • Visits are prohibited to nursing homes, elderly care centres, centers for the chronically ill, structures and hostels for vulnerable health groups, temporary hostels for day care, day care centers, child protection facilities, excluding visits to persons with disabilities who are entitled to two visits per week and in extremely necessary cases a higher number of visits will be considered.
  • The operation of the camping sites is suspended.
  • It is forbidden for any person to enter and / or leave the reception centers for asylum seekers, except for the entry of newly arrived asylum seekers. It is understood that the entry and / or exit from these centers is allowed for the employees and the exceptional entry and / or exit for humanitarian and / or medical reasons with the relevant permission of the Minister of Interior.
  • Beverage and food retailers (supermarkets, mini-markets, butchers, etc.) and pharmacies from the start of their operation until 10 a.mserve only people over 65 and people with disabilities.

In addition to the above measures at a national level, and having evaluated the epidemiological data formed during the period from October 25 to November 7 in the Provinces of Limassol and Paphos, it was decided to implement additional local measures.

Section B – Extraordinary measures in force in the Districts of Limassol and Paphos for the period from 12 November to 30 November 2020.

  1. Movement of persons is prohibited from 8 pm to 5 am the next day, except for travels for emergency medical reasons (from / to pharmacy, hospital) or for work purposes, with the presentation of a relevant certificate or evidence.
  2. The movement of persons to and from the Provinces of Limassol and Paphos, as well as between the two Provinces is prohibited, excluding the movement of workers in essential services, travel for a medical incident (with the presentation of a medical certificate), travel for the transfer of persons to and from Lar Airport and Paphos and the Port of Limassol.
  3. Meetings in public places (parks, squares, dams, picnic areas, beaches, sidewalks and marinas, etc.) are prohibited, except for sports purposes, provided that they do not exceed two people, except for the minor children of parents who are exercising.
  4. Family gatherings are allowed, with a maximum number of of 10 people per house, including minors.
  5. Church worship and other forms of religious worship in religious places are to be performed  without the presence of the worshipers.
  6. Religious ceremonies (weddings, baptisms, funerals) with a maximum number of 10 people are allowed.
  7. It is forbidden to hold meals / dinners and any other events for weddings and baptisms, other than the event in a house with a maximum number of 10 people, including minors.
  8. The operation of Public and Private Lyceums and Higher and Highest Education Institutions from November 16, 2020 will be carried out through Distance Learning. Kindergartens, Primary Schools and Gymnasiums continue to operate normally.
  9. The public services (public, wider public sector and Local Government Authorities) will operate with security personnel for urgent matters and serving the citizens for emergencies. It is understood that employees in essential services are excluded from the regulation, who continue to operate smoothly in compliance with the relevant protocols. Employees who are not employed in essential services will work remotely, on a rotating basis.
  10. Visits to public and private hospitals, clinics, medical and diagnostic centers are prohibited.
  11. The operation of the restaurant sector (restaurants, taverns, cafes, pizzerias, pubs, breweries, snack bars, bars, cafes, and restaurants within canteens and / or sports clubs, cultural clubs, clubs, clubs, etc.) is suspended, with the exception of services concerning home delivery and take-away. It is understood that after curfew only home delivery service is allowed. Dining areas within hotels and tourist accommodation can be open until 10:30 pm only for the service of persons who spend the night in their premises. Dining areas within Paphos Airport are exempt from the ban.
  12. The operation of archeological sites, museums and historical sites is suspended.
  13. The operation of outdoor and indoor theaters, amphitheaters, cinemas and theaters is suspended.
  14. The public open markets will operate at 50% of capacity, based on the relevant protocol.
  15. Public transport will operate at 50% of its capacity
  16. The operation of enclosed shopping centers, department stores and large stores in excess of more than 500 sq.m. is suspended. It is understood that food retail businesses are excluded from the above regulation.
  17. The operation of the beauty parlours and tattoo centers is suspended.
  18. The operation of hairdressers and barbershops is suspended.
  19. The operation of Gyms is suspended.
  20. The operation of  Driving Schools is suspended.
  21. The operation of Betting and Gaming stores is suspended.
  22. Casino operations are suspended.
  23. The operation of swimming pools is suspended, except for the use by persons with disabilities for therapeutic purposes or for training of up to four people, including the coach.
  24. The operation of gyms, swimming pools and spas inside hotels and tourist accommodation is allowed only to serve the persons who spend the night in these premises.
  25. Limassol Port will operate only for commercial transactions and activities. It is forbidden to disembark cruise ship passengers.
  26. Training and sports events for persons under 18 years of age are suspended.
  27. Training and sporting events are suspended, with the exception of Division A championships and National Team matches.
  28. The operation and use of organized sports facilities is prohibited, with the exceptions that will be defined in the relevant Decree.
  29. Group sports and social activities for children under the age of 18 are prohibited, as defined in the relevant instructions issued by the Ministry of Health.