Cybercriminals are Exploiting the Coronavirus – Courtesy of eSafe

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of this situation and there are mass campaigns targeting everyone.

According to the US Secret Service issued guidance on Coronavirus-related phishing scams:
“Cybercriminals are exploiting the coronavirus through the wide distribution of mass emails posing as legitimate medical and or health organisations,” the guidance reads. “In one particular instance, victims have received an email purporting to be from a medical/health organisation that included attachments supposedly containing pertinent information regarding the coronavirus. This led to either unsuspecting victims opening the attachment, causing malware to infect their system, or prompting the victim to enter their email login credentials to access the information resulting in harvested login credentials.” has stated that “Researchers have so far identified 10 unique files dubbed as Coronavirus in spread related document (PDF, MP4, and Docx) were found to be circulating on the web which was filled with malevolent infections such as file-encrypting malware, crypto-mining malware and browser details siphoning digital adjectives and those which exfiltrate sensitive data”.

As staff are increasingly working from home, it is be advisable to emphasise and reinforce the procedures related to Cybersecurity and Data Protection.