Cyprus Ministerial Council – Key Dates and Developments – May 21st, May 23rd and June 1st Expected Developments

As per latest Ministerial Council, we should expect developments in the relaxation of measures as follows:

21st May

• Public Primary Schools and Gymnasiums Open.
• 1st-year and 2nd-year Lyceum classes remain closed as do nurseries and kindergartens
• Full suspension of SMS-for-movement and of the curfew between 2200-0600.
• Gathering of up to 10 people allowed at home.
• Free movement in parks (except park playgrounds), squares, marinas as long as the gatherings do not exceed 10 people.
• Reopening of Hairdressing salons, barber shops, beauty parlour and tattoo shops.
• Reopening of restaurants’ exterior spaces. It is clarified that exterior space is defined as the space here smoking is allowed as per the Control of Smoking Legislation. Persons should not exceed 10 per gathered group.

23rd May

• Prayer and other forms of religious expression are allowed in churches, mosques and other religious places under the condition that the health protocols as defined by the Ministry of Health are strictly adhered to. The same holds for baptizing ceremonies, weddings and funerals.
• Reopening of beaches including organized beaches as per health protocols issued by the Ministry of Health.
• Reopening of betting shops as per health protocols to be issued by the Ministry of Health.

1st of June

• Reopening of libraries, museums and archaeological sites and ports (with the exception of debarcation of passengers from cruise ships.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Order will present a decree for approval with increased fines for reopened businesses that do not adhere to the Decrees and Protocols of the Ministry of Health.