EY Seminar - Mergers, Acquisitions and Redomiciliations Unlocked from a Corporate Tax, Legal and VAT angle

31 October 2019 Residence by Occhio in Nicosia

Seminar by EY Cyprus: Mergers, Acquisitions and Redomiciliations Unlocked from a Corporate Tax, Legal and VAT angle (Subject to Accreditation by Cyprus Bar Assoc. – Video on Demand Available)

Cyprus stands as an attractive jurisdiction in the globalised business world where corporate takeovers, mergers and restructurings are the norm. Following the upcoming regulatory changes on both European and national level with important legal, tax and VAT implications in connection to mergers, acquisitions and redomiciliations, EY Cyprus is presenting a holistic interactive session, namely Mergers, Acquisitions and Redomiciliations Unlocked from a Corporate Tax, Legal and VAT Angle.

Cyprus is set to implement soon the necessary regulatory changes with both Direct Tax and VAT provisions relating to the implications of the mergers of entities and company redomiciliations. Our Seminar held jointly by the Legal, Direct Tax and VAT teams will provide an evaluation of the tax and legal changes outlining major consideration points for the executives and stakeholders involved in mergers, acquisitions and redomiciliations. With another Brexit deadline around the corner, the legal – tax – VAT impact of acquisitions and re-domiciliations involving Cypriot entities will be underlined.

During the session, technical aspects of the current legal framework as well as the recent and future developments will be touched upon, with emphasis on the practical operational environment from a tax and legal perspective. In light of the strong initiatives and proposals to revise and upgrade the European legal framework by introducing rules on digital tools and processes in company law and on cross-border conversions, mergers and divisions we will be assessing and analysing the new developments and the effect on the Cyprus environment.

Practical implications in the Cyprus legal framework will be demonstrated through real case examples including specific domestic and international entities. Participants will have the opportunity to test on the spot their knowledge interactively using a live quiz device. A video-on-demand will be also available to address the needs of global clientele.


Who should attend:

The seminar is addressed to all those looking to learn more about the existing tax and legal framework of mergers, acquisitions and redomiciliations as well as understand the impact of the upcoming changes for their entities, including those professionals, e.g. accountants, lawyers (seminar subject to Accreditation by Cyprus Bar Association), business consultants, finance officers, financial controllers as well as entrepreneurs utilising Cyprus entities in their group structures.


Introductions and Coffee
Unlocking Mergers – Acquisitions – Redomiciliations from a Legal angle
þ Current legal framework from a European and Cyprus law perspective;
þ Key Changes in the legal framework through the proposed Directive;
þ Challenges and Opportunities for Cyprus and European companies in light of the new legal framework;

Continued Unlocking Corporate Tax Aspects of Mergers – Acquisitions – Redomiciliations
þ Application of the of the EU Mergers Directive in the context of Cypriot tax laws;
þ Outbound and inbound tax migration and re-domiciliation ;
þ Exit taxation provisions
Coffee Break
Finally Unlocking Mergers – Acquisitions – Redomiciliations from a VAT angle
þ Which are the major VAT implications that need to be taken into account prior to a merger – acquisition – redomiciliation?
þ How is inevitable (frequently high) purchase VAT treated on arising expenses?
þ What are the VAT optimisation points that need to be considered subsequent to a merger, acquisition and re-domiciliation?
þ Recent Practice – Legislation VAT Updates & Brexit
Questions – Exchange of views

We would be delighted to see you at the seminar and join us in unlocking the legal, corporate tax and VAT aspects of mergers, acquisitions and re-domiciliations in Cyprus


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Katerina Liassi
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