Filing of documents for the change of company data at the Registrar of Companies, for companies affected by EU and UN sanctions against Russia and Belarus

The Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property announces  here that, as stipulated by the Unit for the Implementation of Sanctions of the Ministry of Finance (MOF), where documents for the change of any data in a company file are filed with the Registrar, the following shall apply, provided the name of the company and the names of its shareholders, directors or ultimate beneficial owners, are included in the EU and UN sanctions’ lists against Russia and Belarus:

In each separate case, any person interested or his representative, must file an application to the Unit for the Implementation of Sanctions, for approval of the change using the EMEK1 form, available on MOF’s website ( The application must be accompanied by all necessary documentation and information, with a specific reference to the UN Security Council Decision and/or EU Regulation, under which the application is filed.

After examining the application, the Unit for the Implementation of Sanctions will submit to the Minister of Finance a suggestion for approval or rejection of the application. The decision of the Minister of Finance will be communicated to the applicant.

The Registrar of Companies will proceed with the filing of the relevant company documents and effect any change applied for, according to the Registrar’s practice, provided the applicant files with the Registrar the specific approval given beforehand by the Minister of Finance.