Guidance for quarantine within the context of the COVID-19 epidemic update by the Minister of Health

Guidance for quarantine within the context of the COVID-19 epidemic
If you have visited Category I areas -according to the catalogue of affected countries as published by the Infectious Disease Surveillance Unit of the Ministry of Health- like Hubei province in China) or if you have come in contact with a documented case of COVID-19 infection within the last 14 days, then you need to follow the following instructions in order to contain the spread of the virus in the community:
1. Stay at home
• Do not go to your workplace or school, or to public places.
• Ask for help for food supply and other items.
2. Separate yourself from others at home
• Stay in a well-ventilated room and do not move from room to room.
• Keep your room door closed.
• If available, use a separate bath-toilet from the other occupants.
• If there is no separate bath-toilet it is essential to clean them and especially before any other users. You need to use your own personal towels.
3. Use a surgical face mask
• You should wear a surgical mask when you are in the same area as the other occupants. • Any persons who come into contact with you should wear a surgical face mask in the house.
4. Avoid using common items with others
• Do not share plates, knives and forks, cups, straws, personal hygiene items, electronic devices, telephones and other devices with other house occupants.
• Avoid having visits.
• You should avoid having visits from people who do not stay in your house, even if they won’t come into contact with you.
5. Avoid any contact with domestic pets
• Avoid contact with domestic pets if they are at your home.
6. Waste disposal
• Waste must be placed in a double bag stored outside the house separately from waste for the other occupants. The waste should be placed in waste collection to be collected by the district rubbish collectors until the end of the quarantine period when instructions will be given for suitable waste disposal.
7. Monitor for onset of symptoms
• Daily temperature measurements are recommended.
• If any of the following symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath or sore throat should occur, stay home and call the direct 24-hour national call line, Central Ambulance Call Centre at 1420 and inform them of your symptoms and your recent travel.
The above measures are essential for containment of the spread of the virus in the community. Complying with these measures is strictly the responsibility of the person in quarantine and it depends on his/her maturity and sense of conscience.