Latest Announcements on reopening measures

In view of the reopening on May 10th and for the sake of expedience, a number of government announcements need to be brought to your attention:

  1. Exemption of employees from the mandatory weekly check with rapid test after the first dose of the vaccine and after 3 weeks have passed

After many questions from citizens, the Ministry of Health clarifies that employees who have been vaccinated with the first dose of licensed vaccines and have passed 3 weeks after receiving the vaccine, are exempted from the obligation for weekly testing with rapid antigen test. In any case, all employees must adhere to the health protocols that exist in every professional space.

The announcement can be accessed here in Greek.

  1. Addition of a new functionality to the Covid-19 Vaccination Portal

The Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy wishes to inform the public that the opening of the Covid19 Vaccination Portal on , Friday 7 May 2021, for people aged 35 and 36, was accompanied by the addition of a new functionality, which puts users in queuing, while enabling them to know the waiting time to be served. This addition aims to better serve the citizens and avoid overloading the system.

The announcement can be found here in English.