Latest Decree of the Minister of Health April 15th

The Minister of Health issued his latest decree yesterday  April 15th.

A key summary of the decree which can be found in Greek HERE

  1. The travel to Cyprus of the following peoples is now allowed after they have or will express interested for repatriation:
    1. Cypriot Citizens residing in the Republic, their spouses belonging to other nationalities and their underaged children.
    2. All persons legally residing in Cyprus
    3. Persons allowed to enter the Republic and covered by the Treaty of Vienna

The repatriation of the above persons is allowed under the following preconditions:

  • When there is a need, the Republic of Cyprus will charter special flights so that persons can return
  • The cost of the ticket where it exists will be covered by each passenger.
  • The persons arriving in the Republic will enter into a 14-day quarantine in the special locations as designated by the Republic of Cyprus.
  • Persons who require medical observation may instead of quarantine be allowed to enter into self-isolation for 14 days after approval by the Minister of Health.
  • All above persons need to be submitted to compulsory testing for COVID19 on arrival. Thereafter the relevant medical protocol will be followed.

The repatriation of the above persons is carried out as per the preferred period of repatriation which has been stated on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ platform where possible, after the repatriation of individuals as outlined in the previous decrees of the Ministry of Health.

  • Amendments have been made to previous decrees which amongst others relate to upper price limits on antiseptics and other medical products. 
  • The maximum charge for the molecular analysis for COVID-19 is defined at 110,00 Euro (excluding VAT). 
  • All events and public gatherings related to Easter celebrations are prohibited as well as gathering at and around religious locations such as churches, mosques etc. 
  • Until April 28th the latest, all owners or operations of the following businesses need to submit their employees for COVID-19 testing:


    • Supermarkets and Bakers across the whole supply chain (production, delivery, client service)
    • Homes for the Elderly
    • Fruit stores, kiosks, minimarkets, groceries, bakeries, fishmarkets

The above companies can take advantage of the measure announced by the Ministry of Health for the testing of 20,000 employees working in the public, wider-public and private sectors and the National Guard.


In the event that this is not possible the above operations should themselves ensure that their employees submit for the necessary COVID-19 testing until midnight April 28th and undertake the relevant cost of the test without any transfer of this expense to their employees.

  • Owners/operators of Supermarkets and Bakers, , Fruit markets, kiosks, minimarkets, groceries, bakeries, fishmarkets, wine cavas, and other food-processing businesses need to supply their staff with protection masks and gloves during their work schedule. The movement of employees or suppliers in the above business without the use of masks and gloves is forbidden.
  • Businesses that have not been suspended can extend their working hours on April 17th and April 18th until 2000hrs.
  • The operation of all business is prohibited on April 19th (Easter Sunday) and April 20th (Easter Monday) including e-commerce and telesales.
    • Kiosks are exempted.
    • Cafeterias, Coffee shops, bars, restaurants and all catering operations providing home-delivery as well as Fast-food drive-ins are exempted.
    • Bakeries and patisseries are only exempted for April 19th.