Latest Update on New Measures as announced by the Minister of Health today, January 5th 2021

As announced here in Greek the Minister of Health the following have been agreed  at the Council of Ministers: 

  1. the operation of all public and private schools of Primary and Secondary education normally on January 10, 2022, as announced in a previous decision of the Council of Ministers. It is reminded that all students, teachers and other staff, upon their return, must submit a negative Rapid test lasting 48 hours. It is noted that pre-school, kindergartens and nurseries are operating normally from January 7, 2022
  2. from January 10, 2022, primary school students in private and public schools must submit a negative Rapid test twice a week.
  3. from 6 January 2022, a reduction of the number of gatherings in homes to 10 people, not including children up to 12 years
  4. from 10 January 2022, setting an upper limit of 200 people for restaurants, entertainment venues, music and dance centers, weddings and baptisms, in compliance with health protocols and the maximum number of people per square meter in force. Compulsory service exclusively on table seats. The maximum number of people per table is set at 8 people. It is reminded that dancing is prohibited in the above areas
  5. from 6 January 2022, setting an upper limit of 200 people for churches and places of religious worship, in compliance with health protocols and the maximum number of people per square meter in force. It is reminded that, as is the case for all indoor and outdoor areas, during the sanctification of the waters on the day of the Epiphany, the citizens are obliged to wear a protective mask and keep the necessary distances. It is recommended to avoid the use of a fabric protective mask.
  6. from 6 January 2022, the mandatory presentation of proof of identification (identity card, passport, driving license) during the Safepass check at the places where it is required, with the heads of the premises / companies proceeding with the identification of the information.
  7. from 10 January 2022, the increase of working-from-home to 50%
  8. from 10 January 2022, accommodation and visits to hotels / tourist accommodation will be allowed only to persons who have started or completed their vaccination program and the time period required to receive the 2nd or 3rd dose of vaccine has not passed
  9. the administration of additional packaging with 5 self-tests to people aged 12 and over who have completed their vaccination program
  10. from 6 January 2022, close contacts regardless of history of vaccination or disease, to be submitted on the 3rd and 5th day from the last date of contact with the case, to a Rapid test or PCR laboratory test.
  11. from 6 January 2022, the ban on outings / overnight stay of residents from closed structures and nursing homes
  12. from January 6, 2022, the lifting of the mandatory state quarantine of passengers coming from the countries of South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana, as based on our epidemiological picture the entry of the Omicron variant occurs from various countries.
  13. from January 6, 2022, those who arrive in the Republic of Cyprus and refuse to undergo a PCR laboratory test will then be led to a state quarantine for a period of 14 days and will be released on the 7th day, subject to performing a PCR laboratory test. The costs of quarantine and examination will be borne by the citizen.
  14. from 6 January 2022, all passengers aged 12 and over arriving in the Republic of Cyprus must have a PCR laboratory test lasting at least 72 hours before departure for the Republic.
  15. the extension of the existing measures until 31 January 2022