Ministerial Council Decision – Laboratory testing of population groups is further strengthened

As part of the Government’s policy of strengthening the control of the general population, the Council of Ministers, approved a proposal by the Ministers of Health and Education to conduct a sample survey of 20,000 students and staff in schools across Cyprus.

At the same time, it is noted that the program for laboratory testing of 20,000 employees in public service positions in retail businesses and construction sites that were reactivated during the first phase of the strategy of gradual lifting of restrictions is underway. Employees in restaurants who have not suspended their operation or have reopened for home delivery services, and delivery / drive-through-take-away) also have the right to participate in the program.

In addition to the programs implemented specifically for specific groups of the population, the process of tracking the contacts of the cases identified on a daily basis continues, with the aim of early detection and, consequently, the isolation of these individuals, in order to reduce the virus spread in the community.

The aim of all programs is to strengthen control over the general population, so that sufficient epidemiological data can be collected to properly assess the strategy for returning to normality and restarting the Cypriot economy.