Ministry of Labor – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The Ministry of Labour Welfare and Social Insurance has issues additional clarifications on Frequently Asked Questions as follows:


  1. How do I know if the application I submitted is correct, if I haven’t made a mistake?

You immediately receive an SMS message that the submission was successful. If there is a problem with the information you entered, you will be notified after the application has been examined.

2. I applied and received the allowance for the first period. What do I have to do to receive the special allowance for the second period 13 /04-12/05? What applications do employers submit and what do employees apply for?

A new application for Full and Partial Suspension Plans must be submitted by the employer. If it is a Special Care and Sickness allowance, the application must be submitted by the person concerned.


Employees submit: The application for the Special Leave for Child Care (EEA.1) and the application for the Special Illness Allowance (EEA.2).

Employers: The application for the Special Plan for Complete Suspension of Company (EEA.3) and the application for the Special Plan for Partial Suspension of Company (EEA.4).

Employers who have hired after 1/2/2020, must first, before submitting the above applications, complete the Declaration of Submission of Data of New Employee (EEA.7), which concerns the recruitment of employers during the months of February and March 2020.

Self Employed: The application for the Special Plan for Independent Employees (EEA.5).

3. When will payments be made for the second period?

Payments are expected to be made at the closing deadline of applications – for the time being, the application deadline is 20/5.

4. Bank Account Statement (IBAN) – If we have registered this and it has been approved in the first period, do we have to re-submit it?

If it has already been submitted from the first period and has been confirmed, i.e. if you have received an allowance, IBAN does not need to be re-submitted.

  • I submitted the bank account details correctly but I was not paid. You must re-submit the IBAN details.
  • Can I change the bank account details I stated during the first period? I want to receive the second allowance in my other account. The bank account details that were registered during the first period and confirmed cannot be changed.
  • Can I submit a IBAN from a foreign bank and not a Cypriot one to pay the allowance? No.

5. I didn’t get a message that I had made a mistake, but I wasn’t paid either. What to do;

You will need to contact your employer first to check for errors at the time of submission.

6. I was hired in February / March, what should I do?

The employer must first submit the EEA7 application and then include you in the application that will be submitted for the participation of the company in the relevant Suspension Plan.

7. In the application for the Special Child Care License I cannot register the details of all my children under 15.

For the purposes of approving the application, it is not necessary to register more than one child.

8. I am an employee of the public or wider public sector, what application should I fill out?

The special plans of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concern only Private Sector employees. Employees of the Public or Wider Public Sector until 5.5.2020 must be paid normally by the Public or Wider Public Sector and after 5.5.2020 they must complete a special application to their Department Head and not to the Ministry of Labor.

9. Problems pertaining to details submitted

Employers should contact their employees to confirm the details provided when they registered them with the Social Security Services (i.e. Social Security Number, Identity Card Number, Foreign Citizen Registration Number), European Citizen Registration Number)

Employees who make their own electronic applications for Special Benefits (Special Care Permit, Special Sickness Allowance) must also register their details based on their registration details with the Social Security Services.

In case it is necessary to contact the Social Security Services to modify or update the data of the employees, the employers or the employees can contact the Social Security Services on the following telephone numbers:

  • Nicosia District – 22409732, 22878142
  • Limassol District – 25804371
  • Larnaca District – 24805233
  • Paphos District – 26821243
  • Famagusta District – 23816530

10. Servicing of citizens in the District Offices of Social Insurance (payment of contributions, registrations of the unemployed, etc.)

The Social Security Services, with the aim of ensuring public health and avoiding overcrowding in the District Social Security Offices, invite employers and employees to:

  • pay the current contributions due through the online application / JCC Smart website or through the Social Security Payment System of the Social Security Services.

Cashiers will operate in the District Offices only for the collection of cash contributions, collection of overdue contributions and administrative fines.

  • for the issuance of certificates, they submit their application electronically to the e-mail addresses according to their province – a relevant table is given below:
  • For the investigation of  complaints and grievances requiring their physical presence, to submit electronically their request for a meeting arrangement according to their province – a relevant table is given below.

The registrations of the unemployed will continue as per procedure announced on 16/03/2020 based on which the new registrations of Unemployed, the renewals of signatures of Unemployed and the terminations of registrations will take place without the need for the physical presence of the applicants.

In addition to the daily service schedule (08: 00-15: 00), the hours for servicing the public for the period from 18 May 2020 until the end of May, will be extended every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday until 17:30. The extended hours will apply to the following services:

  • Delivery of documents and submission of applications concerning social security benefits.
  • Carrying out meetings that have been arranged after communication with the officials of the Social Security Services.

The extended hours will not apply to the collection of contributions at the relevant cashiers. 

It is pointed out that visits to the local District Offices are allowed only in cases where it is not possible to be served by phone or by sending an e-mail, as mentioned above:

Details for contact are shown below:



E-mail Address

Nicosia Athalassas Avenue 56, 1466 Strovolos, Nicosia 1. for certification issues:

2. for complaints / grievances:

Limassol Franklinou Roosevelt Avenue 80, 3012 Limassol 1. for certification issues:

2. for complaints / grievances:

Larnaca Filiou Tsigaridi 1, 6023 Larnaca 1. for certification issues:

2. for complaints / grievances:

Paphos Filikis Eterias 1, 8047 Paphos 1. for certification    issues:

2. for complaints / grievances:

Famagusta Eleftherias 82, 5380 Dherynia, Famagusta 1. for certification    issues:

2. for complaints / grievances: