Notification of the Tax Department for the payment of VAT

VAT payment for the Tax Period ending 31/5/2020

 The Tax Department informs that, for the tax VAT return for the period ending on 31/5/2020, the deadline for submitting the VAT Declaration and Payment is July 10, 2020. Based on this, the VAT due should be to be paid by 10/7/2020. Otherwise, the payment is considered overdue and is subject to an additional 10% tax and other charges.

 The VAT payment suspension is valid only for the VAT tax returns that expire on 28/2/2020, 31/3/2020 and 30/4/2020.

 Restoration of monthly VAT returns to quarterly

 In addition, the Tax Department informs that, for those taxable persons for whom the tax periods were converted to monthly in April 2020, this change will be terminated as of  1/7/2020.

 Taxpayers will be notified by email to the last email address entered in the TAXISnet system for the duration of their next tax period, in order to return to a regular quarterly tax period.

 The exact announcement in Greek can be found Here.