Online Masterclass – The New World of Investment Screening – Examining the Eu Foreign Direct Investment

The Online Masterclass event on “The New World of Investment Screening” will be held Wednesday December 9th,2020.

The Masterclass will look into the EU Foreign Direct Investment Screening Regulation. This is the screening procedure on external investment into the EU that needs to be implemented by all member states.

We will be looking into the impact of the Regulation on Takeovers and Mergers & Acquisition and the influences from new requirements in particular financing and investment operations as well as the EU White paper on Foreign Subsidiaries.

Through this webinar, members will be informed on the legal requirements as to the implementation of an investment stipulated for in the EU FDIS regulation either in an EU member state such as Cyprus or via an EU member state, in other EU member states.

The Masterclass is organized by The CIIM – Cyprus International Institute of Management and powered by CIBA – Cyprus International Businesses Association and the International Law Association (Cypriot Branch).

For more information please click here The New World of Investment Screening

For registrations: Registration Link