Passengers holding a vaccination certificate from the Republic of Cyprus will not be subjected to self-isolation and mandatory testing upon arrival in Cyprus

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works has announced that following a decision by the Council of Ministers, as of 1 April 2021 here all passengers who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 and hold a valid Certificate from the Republic of Cyprus, upon their arrival in Cyprus, irrespective of the country from which they are travelling, will be exempt, for the purposes of entry into Republic of Cyprus, from the following:

  • the obligation to undergo laboratory tests
  • any obligation for self-isolation / quarantine

This is upon condition that a specific number of days, determined by the Ministry of Health, has elapsed between the last dose (depending on the vaccine administered) and the date of travel. Relevant information will be posted on the electronic platform CyprusFlightPass.

It is noted that upon their arrival in the Republic of Cyprus, such passengers will not be exempt from the random testing carried out by the Ministry of Health as well as the meticulous implementation of the health protocols valid in the Republic.

Lastly, it is pointed out that those passengers holding a valid vaccination certificate from the Republic of Cyprus, are not exempt from the obligation of filling out the relevant online application on the electronic platform CyprusFlightPass.