Reminder on the process of approval by exception of request for Free Rapid Test for medical reasons

As per today’s announcement here in Greek,, the Ministry of Health reminds us that, in consultation with the Pancyprian Medical Association, a procedure for examining applications has been established, for providing a  certificate for by exception provision of free antigen rapid test for COVID-19 for persons who for medical reasons are recommended not to be vaccinated.

In order to ensure the uniform, documented and equal treatment of all cases, the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Pancyprian Medical Association, has set up a committee consisting of Medical Officers of various specialties.

 Citizens who fall into the above category and wish to obtain the certificate for the purpose of free examination at the rapid test teams of the Ministry of Health, should properly complete the relevant Form here in Greek,and send it to the email address, attaching all the necessary documents mentioned in it.

It is noted that it is necessary to submit a relevant opinion by a Medical Officer of the relevant specialty for the medical reason invoked by the applicant.

 Medical Officers have a responsibility to ensure that they fully document the recommendation, on the basis of scientific data and in accordance with the information received from the Pancyprian Medical Association.

 It is noted that applications for persons under the age of 18 will not be accepted, as the possibility of free rapid antigen screening will continue to be provided in this age group.

 Finally, it is emphasized that the applications will be processed only when they are submitted fully completed with the presentation of the necessary accompanying documents.

 We will circulate the relevant submission form once available in English.