** Revised ** Announcement of the Ministry of Health for the decisions of the Council of Ministers – 2/2/2022

The Council of Ministers in its session today decided here in Greek:

  1. from 4 February 2022, the lifting of the ban on children without a history of vaccination aged 12-17, in restaurants, cafes, theaters, cinemas, theaters.
    • Admission to these areas will be permitted upon presentation of a 72-hour negative PCR or Rapid Test, provided they are accompanied by a parent / guardian who has completed their immunization schedule.
  2. from 4 February 2022, the reduction of the time period from 5 months and two weeks to 5 months for the administration of the booster / 3rd dose of vaccine.
  3. the introduction of the measure “test to stay” in the National Guard.
    • The date of implementation of the measure will be announced after consultation with the Ministry of Defense.
  4. From 4 February 2022, workers in nursing homes and closed structures holding a valid vaccination or illness certificate must take a 72-hour PCR or Rapidtest test and workers without a vaccination history must take a PCR or Rapid test every 24 hours.