Statement by the Minister of Health Mr Constantinos Ioannou on the decisions of the Council of Ministers regarding the Pandemic

The Minister of Health Mr. Constantinos Ioannou has today updated the general public on the pending relaxation of measures today and accessible here in English as follows:

“In recent weeks we have all been watching with satisfaction the epidemiological indicators in our country recording a downward trend. Important factors in monitoring the epidemiological picture are the hospital indicators and the ability of the Health System to respond adequately to the challenges posed by the pandemic.

At today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers, I informed the President of the Republic and my fellow Ministers about the clear improvement of the epidemiological data, over the last few days. After assessing the data and in the context of the strategy for the gradual relaunching of the economy and social activity, the Council of Ministers took the following decisions:

From 29 May, the curfew will be in effect from 1 a.m. until 5 a.m. As of 10 June, the curfew will be terminated.

With effect from 1 June, the following shall be permitted, inter alia:

  • The presence of a maximum number of 20 persons in homes, including permanent residents and minors.
  • The physical presence of persons in enclosed spaces, such as places of religious worship, casinos, conference and commercial exhibition venues, theatres, auditoriums and other performing arts spaces is set at 50 % of the capacity of each space.
  • The reopening of indoor spaces of catering establishments on the basis of the health protocol.

From 10 June, inter alia:

  • Nightclubs will be reopened on the basis of a health protocol.
  • The limit of 50 % physical presence in private enterprises and departments/organisations of the public and wider public sector is lifted.

Details of the decisions regarding the operation of the sports sector will be announced by the Cyprus Sports Organisation.

All decisions of the Council of ministers will be regulated by a decree and will be valid until 30 June. More clarifications will be published within the day.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The above decisions, which are still another major step towards normality, are the result of the cooperation shown by the vast majority of citizens. As it has been previously announced and given that the timing is ideal in view of the epidemiological data, the Government will proceed on the basis of its planning with the relaunching of the economy and social activity. The strict observance of the protection measures, the discipline to the health protocols and the effort made by society as a whole have enabled us to proceed with these relaxations with more firm steps.

The great response to the call for vaccination and the increase in the vaccination shielding of the population contributed in this direction. With 51 % of our fellow citizens vaccinated with the 1st dose of the vaccine and 25 % of the population having completed their vaccination scheme, our country is among the first countries of the European Union and even closer to achieving the vaccination coverage target of at least 65 % of the population with the 1st dose by the end of June.

It is important not to forget that despite the significant steps we are taking, the virus is still among us. It is essential at this time, when society and the economy are unlocking, that we continue carefully and consistently to comply with the measures. From now on, the common goal of all should be to maintain the positive epidemiological image and to further improve it. Together we will be able to emerge victorious from this difficult ordeal that has plagued us for more than 15 months.