Strategic restarting of the economy and of social activity – What changes as of 10 June 2021

In the framework of the further lifting of the restrictive measures and the strategy for the gradual restart of the economy and social activity, and on the basis of the decisions of the Council of Ministers, it is reminded  here  that as of tomorrow, 10 June, the following will be implemented:

1. The curfew is lifted. Consequently, the use of Form A for the movement of employees is abolished.

2. Holding lunches/dinners for social events (e.g. weddings, christenings, graduations, etc.) is allowed in catering establishments or hotel facilities or other venues based on the Health Protocol for social events, as follows:

  • 250 persons in an indoor space for lunch/dinner, or
  • 350 persons in an outdoor space for lunch/dinner
  • 250 persons at any given time for cocktail parties in outdoor spaces
  • Attendees are required to possess a SafePass.

3. In cases of holding lunches/dinners for weddings and christenings in homes, it is required to submit proof of the marriage/baptism event (e.g. invitation), as well as the available square metres of the house, so as to determine the maximum number of attendees, based on the relevant protocol. The information must be sent electronically to, for approval. Attendees are required to possess a SafePass.

4. The operation of nightclubs, event venues, discos, clubs and music and dancing venues is allowed on the basis of the relevant protocol, under the following conditions:

  • Only seated service will be provided.
  • The maximum number of persons per table is eight (8).
  • Serving the public at a bar is prohibited. The operation and use of bars in such establishments is limited exclusively to the preparation of food or drinks by the employees.
  • It is required to possess a SafePass in indoor spaces.

5. The physical presence limit of employees in private businesses providing services, as well as in departments/services of the public and wider public sector is abolished. The requirement for mandatory weekly rapid antigen testing is still in effect of 50% of the personnel who has not received at least the 1st dose of a licenced vaccine and three weeks have elapsed from the vaccination. For example, if a company employs 50 people, of which 28 have been vaccinated, the obligation for weekly testing concerns the other 22 individuals (11+11).

6. Folk festivals are allowed at places of religious worship. 

7. All persons are allowed access to swimming pools, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.