Technical Guide for Air Conditioning Systems in Properties Outside the Healthcare Sector -Coronavirus Pandemic

In order to protect workers as well as the public in closed air-conditioned workplaces, such as retail outlets, department stores and large offices from possible air transport and dispersal of the Coronoid (COVID-19), the Department of Labor Inspection has prepared the relevant technical (GUIDE in GREEK.).

The Guide aims to minimize the health risks to workers and the public from possible COVID-19 air transport within these areas.

The text of the Guide was created in consultation with all stakeholders (Professional Associations of Mechanical Engineers, Contractors of Mechanical and Electrical as well as Refrigeration Projects) as well as with the co-responsible government services.

It is noted that each employer and each self-employed person, as the case may be, must consult with the Guide in collaboration with the competent engineer / technician / maintainer of the air conditioning systems used in his workplace. Based on the 2002 Regulations on Occupational Safety and Health Management, each employer must have at its disposal and implement a Written Risk Assessment (GEK) and put into practice the measures it determines. An example is issued HERE in GREEK.