As per Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works announcement here, the Bill for the regulation of the circulation of bicycles and other personal mobility devices by the House of Representatives which affects the use of Personal Mobility Devices (“e-scooters”) was passed.

The proposal to amend the law was approved by the Council of Ministers on October 29, 2021, following an initiative of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works and after a public consultation with the agencies and experts involved.

To date, their use in Cyprus has been relatively limited, while greater use has been seen in tourist areas, due to rental devices to visitors. Especially after the Corona period, there is a greater use of such devices due both to the international environmental “green” sensitivity, and promotion of sustainable mobility, and to the reduced cost of using Personal Mobility Devices compared to alternative means of transportation. More generally, there is a greater use of both rental and private use devices (“e-scooters”).

With the increase in the use of these devices in Cyprus, road collisions with scooters have been recorded, including a fatal accident. In addition to these, strong reactions have been recorded from the Local Self-Governing Authorities with problems of coexistence of pedestrians & scooters on the road network, including road collisions with pedestrians.

In this context, the Bicycle Traffic Regulation Law of 2018 (Law 19(I) of 2018) has been amended with the proposed Personal Mobility Devices Legislative Package to regulate the traffic of bicycles and other personal mobility devices where, beyond the general definition for Personal Mobility Devices (“e-scooters”) includes:

– Permitted Traffic Area: on roads on the carriageway of motorized vehicles with a speed limit of up to 30 km/h, cycle paths, cycle lanes or in an area that is an extension of a cycle path (space shared by cyclists & pedestrians). In a square or pedestrian street, only after a decision/approval of the relevant Municipality or Community.

Permitted Age of Use: Fourteen (14) years and older.

Mandatory personal protection: Mandatory use of a helmet and mandatory use of a phosphorescent vest at night.

Minimum device equipment: Brake system, front & rear lights, bell, tires.

Maximum allowed speed of the device: By construction it develops a maximum speed of twenty (20) Kilometers Per Hour (MHP).

The passage of the bill provides for a transitional period for the enforcement of the law regarding the minimum equipment and the securing of a license to operate rental companies.