The payment of the one-off Lump Sum for the support of small and very small enterprises and the Self-Employee has begun

As per Ministry of Labour Announcement Here in Greek, The Ministries of Finance and Labor, Welfare and Social Security announce that the payment of the lump sum for the Support of small and very small businesses and self-employed workers has begun.

Beneficiaries of the Sponsorship are approximately 17,500 Self-Employed Employees and 25,000 Businesses employing up to 50 people, who have been approved in the Full (EEA.3) or Partial (EEA.4) Suspension of Operations Plans or in the Plan for the Self-employed (EEA.5)  during the second period of implementation of the Special Plans of the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance, i.e. from 13.4.2020 to 12.5.2020.

The sponsorship will be paid by cheque to the companies, which will be sent by post to the address stated when submitting the above-mentioned applications and by transfer to the independent employees who had submitted their bank account during the payment of the Special Allowances.

The amounts of the one-time Lump sum payments are as follows:

  • up to 1 employee, sponsorship amounting to € 1,250.
  • from 2 to 5 employers, sponsored by € 3,000.
  • from 6 to 9 employers, sponsored by € 4,000.
  • from 10 to 50 employees, sponsored by € 6,000.