The Vaccination Center Gateway for COVID-19 now active as per presentation by the Deputy Ministry for Research, Innovation and Digital Policy

As of Monday January 5th persons who need to receive vaccination against COVID-19 as defined by the Ministry of Health below can register for this at the gateway created by the Deputy Ministry for Research, Innovation and Digital Policy.

At a press conference held, by the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy and the Ministry of Health, the Vaccination Portal COVID-19 was presented here in Greek, through which the arrangements for the issuance of both first and second dose vaccines.

In particular, the software, which was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Department of Informatics Services of the Ministry of Health, with the contractor NCR, contains three “portals”: the Vaccination Portal, which concerns citizens and through which the appointments are arranged, the Portal of Vaccination Centers and the Data Portal that will operate at the central level (Ministry of Health).

Through the software, the Ministry of Health will be able to monitor the progress of the program, as well as the availability and stocks of vaccines, in order to ensure the timely ordering of new quantities to fully meet the needs of the population. It is noted that the development and use of this software fully ensures the protection of users’ personal data.

Regarding the appointment, the citizens will be able to choose the Vaccination Center of their choice, having access to the appointment calendar of each Center, while through the portal an electronic vaccination certificate will be issued and the appointment for the 2nd instalment will be arranged. The person will receive a text message on his mobile phone with the details of his appointment, while an SMS will be sent as a reminder of the appointment the day before.

The appointment can be arranged by the person or his representative, following one of the following ways:

  1. The citizens who are beneficiaries and have completed their registration in the GESS, will be able to arrange vaccination appointments either for themselves or for other beneficiaries through the GESY Beneficiaries Portal, provided that they know relevant information concerning the beneficiary. The opportunity is provided to the Beneficiaries who have a user account in the Beneficiary Portal and have proceeded to link their user account with the beneficiary file.
  2. Citizens who are not registered in the GESY Software but are beneficiaries of GESY can proceed by registering in GESY to automatically become beneficiaries in the Vaccination Program. If, however, they do not wish to register with the GESY software program, they can proceed with the procedure described in Section (C).

The software also provides the ability to arrange appointments for beneficiaries by their Personal Physicians (PI) and / or their support staff.

  1. Citizens who are not registered in the software of GESY, should submit to the Ministry of Health, duly completed the Citizen Registration Application Form for persons not registered in GESY for the Vaccination Portal for COVID-19 Herein Greek, and here in English which is posted on the website of the Ministry of Health here on the specially designed website of the Press and Information Office for Vaccinations for COVID-19 here.

The following population segments will be vaccinated in order of priority:

  1. Residents and staff of nursing homes and institutions for chronic diseases of adults b) Health professionals: Employees in hospitals with COVID19 patients, and in all ICUs, Emergency and Accident Departments, Ambulance departments (regardless of COVID treatment).
  2. People> 80 years old
  3. People> 75 years old
  4. People> = 16 years old at high risk for serious illness
  5. People working in:
    1. Primary Health Care centers, followed by other health professionals / staff.
    2. Residents in other closed structures such as prisons and reception centers for refugees and immigrants.
  6. The rest of the population by age group