Travel Advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Coronavirus COVID-19, All other countries except those in category Α and Β – (From 09/10/2020, 00:00 Cyprus time, GMT+3 until 24/10/2020, GMT+2 from 25/10/2020)

New Travel Advice has been re-issued by the Ministry  of Foreign Affairs for COVID-19 as follows:

Concerned countries:

All Countries except those listed in Category A (Australia, Finland, Germany, Republic of Korea, Latvia, New Zealand and Thailand) and Category B (Canada, China, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Holy See, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Ruanda, San Marino, Serbia, Sweden, United Kingdom and Uruguay), according to the epidemiological risk assessment conducted by the Ministry of Health.

The classification of countries, based on the epidemiological risk assessment, is extremely dynamic and may change at any moment. You are therefore encouraged to check the travel advice regularly.

Travel Advice: 

Avoid non-essential travel

Travel advice validity period:

From 09/10/2020, 00:00 Cyprus time (GMT+3 until 24/10/2020, GMT+2 from 25/10/2020)

In light of the continuing global spread of coronavirus COVID-19 and given its classification by the World Health Organisation as a pandemic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises Cypriot citizens to avoid non-essential travel to these countries.

Citizens of the Republic of Cyprus who are temporarily located or permanently reside in these countries are advised to be cautious, to follow local and international media on the latest developments regarding COVID-19, to adhere to the relevant instructions of the country’s authorities including restrictions or guidance concerning COVID-19, to take self-protection measures, and to inform the accredited Diplomatic Mission of the Republic of their presence in the country.

Cypriot citizens who are currently abroad, or intend to travel abroad for any reason, are encouraged to register on the website

It should be noted that passengers intending to arrive/return to Cyprus will be required to comply with the applicable process, register at and meet the requirements for entry to Cyprus foreseen by relevant Decrees and Decisions of the Council of Ministers.

Relevant decrees, announcements, press releases and information published by the Ministry of Health and other competent Authorities and Services of the Republic of Cyprus, are available from the dedicated website

You are also reminded that, in accordance with regulations currently applied, only Cypriot citizens, permanent residents of the Republic of Cyprus, or holders of a special entry permit are entitled to board direct flights from these countries to Cyprus.

Contact Details: In case of an emergency, Cypriot citizens may contact the following numbers:

  • Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Cyprus abroad:

Contact details for our Diplomatic Missions are available at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

  • Consular Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

+35 7 22651113 (08:30 – 15:00, Monday – Friday)

  • Duty Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

+35 7 99660129 (outside working hours*)

  • Crisis Management Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

+35 7 22801000 (08:30 – 15:00, Monday – Friday)

* The Duty Officer’s line is reachable outside office hours and is intended to provide assistance in emergency situations.

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