UBO Registry Announcements – Frequently Asked Questions Section Update

The Department of Registrar of Companies has issued updated FAQ documents in English and Greek that can be accessed as follows:


FAQ’s-UBO’s in Greek


FAQ’s-UBO’s in English


The FAQs provide clarification on the following subject matters:

  1. Registration to ARIADNE and access to the UBO interim solution
  2. Filing of UBO information onto the system
  3. Date of registration of beneficial owners data
  4. Companies registered after 12/3/2021
  5. Extension of filing of UBO Information onto the interim solution extended to 12/3/2021
  6. Changes to the UBO information
  7. Confirmation of information on the UBOs register
  8. Companies that have filed an application for strike off or liquidation
  9. Listed companies
  10. Trust/Foundation
  11. E-search
  12. Exemptions