UK falls under Category B from 1 August 2020

The Ministry of Health, following a relevant decision taken during a meeting of the inter-ministerial committee with the members of the Advisory Scientific Committee, under the President of the Republic, on 3 July, 2020, announces that, after assessing the epidemiological risk of countries with COVID-19, the United Kingdom is classified as Category B, with effect from 1 August 2020.
It is noted that passengers coming from Category B countries are required to have undergone a laboratory test at least in the last 72 hours before departure and to have a Certificate, proving a negative PCR test for the virus.

It is further clarified that passengers from Category B countries falling into the following categories may undergo the molecular examination upon arrival in the Republic:
a) Cypriot citizens and members of their families (their foreign spouses, minor children and their parents);
b) all those legally residing in the Republic;
c) persons allowed under the Vienna Convention;
d) persons, regardless of nationality, who are allowed to enter the Republic of Cyprus, after a special permit from the Republic of Cyprus as determined by the Quarantine Law – Decree No. 30 of 2020, and
e) persons, regardless of nationality, in the country of residence of whom no laboratory analysis service (public or private) is provided to those wishing to travel to the Republic of Cyprus and upon relevant announcement.

It is noted that the cost of the test is covered by the travelers themselves and in addition these people should remain at home under self-isolation until the result is issued.

Finally, it is emphasized that all passengers, regardless of nationality, are required to apply for a CyprusFlightPass ( within the last 24 hours before the departure of their flight. In addition, for the purposes of ensuring public health and for epidemiology monitoring, COVID-19 molecular laboratory tests will be performed on passengers of selected arriving flights.