Vaccination procedure for minors aged 12 to 17

Taking into account the recommendations of the Cyprus Paediatric Society and the Scientific Advisory Committee, and in an effort to increase the vaccination shielding of the population, the Council of Ministers approved on Friday 30.07.21 the proposal to extend vaccination to underage persons aged 12-15. The Vaccination Portal will be made available for appointment scheduling for all persons aged 12 and over from 7:30 on Monday, 2nd of August.

In the framework of the Ministerial Decision, the Ministry of Health would like to inform citizens on the procedure to be followed for the vaccination of minors:

1. Parents/legal guardians, as well as children’s Personal Doctors, can arrange appointments for minors through the Vaccination Portal, selecting an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna) as it is the only vaccine currently approved by the European Medicines Agency for administration to persons aged 12 years and over.

2. When visiting the Vaccination Centres for the administration of the first dose of the vaccine, minors must provide the following documentation:

  • Written consent form of Parents/Guardians for the Vaccination of Minors with the COVID-19 Vaccine signed by both parents/guardians, unless legally (subject to a Court ruling) this is not necessary. The Form should be delivered to the Vaccination Centres upon arrival.
  • Identification document of the minor (e.g. identity card, passport, Alien Registration Card, etc.).
  • In case the minor is accompanied by the parents/guardians (or one of them), they should present an identification document. The document must be presented to the officials of the Vaccination Centre for verification purposes.

3. When visiting the Vaccination Centre for the administration of the 2nd dose, minors should provide an identity card or another official identification document for the purpose of verifying their data.

4. During vaccination both with the 1st dose and the 2nd dose, the minor may be accompanied by an adult person other than his/her parents/legal guardians. In this case, the competent health professionals at the Vaccination Centre will contact the parent/legal guardian before vaccination to confirm that the adult accompanying the child has been designated by the parent/legal guardian.

Strict compliance with the above is recommended in order to avoid delays at the Vaccination Centres.