Action Plan for the Gradual Lifting of Restrictive Measures on Flights by the Minister of Transport, Communications and Public Works

The Council of Ministers approved on Friday, the action plan, prepared by the Inter-Ministerial Committee, for the gradual lifting of restrictive measures on flights to and from Larnaca and Paphos Airports and the operation of Airports and Hotels which is summarized below and can be found In Greek Here.

The Action Plan provides for 2 phases for opening airports and restoring connectivity:

• 1st Phase – 9th-19th June 2020
• 2nd Phase – 20th June 2020

The team of scientists has classified two country groups with which based on their epidemiological picture the air connection of Cyprus is being restored.

• Category A: Greece, Malta, Bulgaria, Norway, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary, Israel, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania.

• Category B: Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Estonia, Czech Republic.

During Phase A, for Passengers coming from these countries in both category groups, a lab test certificate with negative results and carried out by a certified lab up to 72 hours before departure will need to be presented.

During Phase B, which begins June 20, passengers from countries included in category A will not require a laboratory test certificate for. Passengers from CATEGORY B countries will still follow the above procedure.

Cypriot citizens and legal residents of Cyprus will alternatively have the opportunity to have their laboratory tests carried out upon arrival in Cyprus. In this case and until the result is announced, they will remain under home-quarantine.

For those countries that are not included in the two categories at any time, flights to the Republic of Cyprus will be allowed only with passengers who are Cypriot citizens, legally residing in Cyprus, and to persons to whom a special permit will be granted.

In these cases, it will be necessary to present a laboratory test certificate from a certified laboratory:
– with a negative result and which was made within 72 hours before departure.
– Alternatively, this check will be possible upon arrival in Cyprus. In this case, the passengers will remain in a place indicated for 1 day or until the announcement of the result.

All passengers, who come from countries not included in the two categories, will go home for 14 days in self-quarantine.

The cost of the laboratory test, as well as the cost of quarantine / self-restraint and transport wherever applicable, will be paid for by the passenger.

In countries where the Authorities are documented as being unable to provide a laboratory analysis service to serve those interested in traveling to Cyprus, the service will be provided in Cyprus upon arrival.