Procedure to be followed for those now being repatriated to the Republic of Cyprus

In the context of the continuous evaluation of the epidemiological data by the Advisory Epidemiological Committee of the Ministry of Health, and based on the favorable conditions recorded in Cyprus in recent days, last week a proposal was made to the Government to lift the mandatory state quarantine for repatriates. adopted by the Council of Ministers at its meeting on 22 May 2020.

The decision was made because of the 7,500 people who have been repatriated so far, only two have experienced symptoms during quarantine. and tested positive for the virus.

However – taking into account the request of several persons to comply with the provisions of the Decree in force upon their arrival, in order to protect both themselves and their relatives – the Ministry of Health, in consultation with the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Tourism , decided that :
• those who arrived in the country under the previous Decree, and today would have to leave the mandatory quarantine, be given the option to remain to complete the 14 days quarantine in hotels designated by the Ministry of Tourism, if they so wish.
• Otherwise, those who wish to do so and have the appropriate conditions in their home for solitary confinement must remain under house confinement until the completion of the 14 days from their arrival in Cyprus.

In relation to those arriving from today until June 8, these individuals will continue to undergo a laboratory test upon arrival, and will be transferred to a hotel indicated by the state until the announcement of the result.
• If the result is positive, individuals will have the option to either be transferred for restriction to the Eden Resort Wellness and Rehabilitation Center, or to remain under home restraint, a precaution that is followed for any case detected by all procedures, and be monitored by their Personal Physician.
• If the result is negative, they will remain under home restraint for the period provided for in the instructions and protocols.

Finally, persons who according to the protocol are defined as close contacts of the Coronavirus Identified Case, will remain quarantined in the hotels chosen by the Ministry of Tourism for an additional two days and will be re-examined in a laboratory to determine whether they have contracted the virus from their contact. If they have a negative result in the second test, they will return home to complete the 14-day quarantine ,as per protocol.