Announcement for the Resumption of Operation of State and Private Education as per Minister of Education

The Minister of Education has announced details for the opening of both Private and State Schools as follows:

  • Resumption of class for 3rd Lyceum/Technical School  Graduating class or the equivalent Private School class for both 6-form and 7-form education facilities. As per relevant Health standards, teaching will take place in classes with a maximum number of 12 students.
  • School reopening will take place in strict adherence to the health protocols that will be made public and available to school management and other interested parties in time.
  • Teaching in the State Lyceums and technical and professional schools will be carried out on the Examined Subjects based on the Examination Guide  which is issued on Monday May 4th by the Ministry of Education.
  • The Examination Schedule will be published in the next few days after consultation with the Professional Educators Unions and Parents Association.
  • State Lyceums and technical and professional schools Management will adjust the School Programme and make it public by Monday May 11th.
  • On the 1st day of the resumption of activities, there will be detailed communication of the Health Protocol that will govern the operation of Schools. The relevant protocol will be made available to Parents and guardians.
  • The relevant protocols will include social distancing and separation in the exterior of schools .
  • Students within vulnerable groups should inform their School’s management so that the relevant support can be provided for the students not returning physically to school.
  • Distance-learning will continue for all classes which will be still under suspension.
  • Decisions with regards to the remaining classes will be made within the next few days.
  • State and Private Kindergarten and Primary Schools will start operating as soon as deemed possible as per MoH announcement. In the same line, so will private learning institutes, music and dance schools and other equivalent educational programs.

The full speech of the Minister of Education can be found in Greek HERE.