Extension of the Measures to protect the Vulnerable Citizens Groups – Ministry of Labour, Social Insurance and Welfare

The Ministry of Labour Social Insurance and Welfare has announced that as of May 1st and for as long as the restrictive measures are in place (that is until May 20th which is the 1st phase), the following conditions will still apply:

  • Homes for the Elderly and Handicapped/Carers as well as 24/hour Care Structures will not accept visitors
  • The centres will continue operating taking into account the measures as communicated by the Ministry of Health. Where the centres use specific transport vehicles to transport the aided persons the instructions of the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Health will need to be adhered to.
  • The close relatives of the persons under care are encouraged to stay home.
  • Home-care assistants and services will continue to do so constantly taking the relevant safeguards as communicated by the Ministry of Health.
  • At-home child carers can only provide service to a maximum of 3 children and only where the parents do not have any other support. Children should be presented at the entrance of the relevant location to avoid entry.
  • State Nurseries/Child-care homes continue to be under suspension.
  • Private baby/kindergartens continue to be under suspension.

The Full details in Greek can be found HERE.