Answers to frequently asked questions about what is changing since March 15 as part of a strategy to lift restrictive measures to contain the pandemic

Please find below an unofficial translation of what changes as of March 15th as issued by the Ministry of Health here in Greek. In addition, the latest decree  issued by the Ministry of Health in Greek is attached and can also be found here..

Further information in Greek here:-

12032021_QLifting of Measures_GR

ΔΙΑΤΑΓΜΑ ΑΡ. 11 (1)_Decree March 12th



  1. What time does the curfew apply?

The curfew is still in force from 11 pm until 5 am the next day.

  1. Why are you allowed to travel during curfew hours (11pm to 5am the next day)?

The movement of persons during curfews continues to be allowed for the following reasons:

·       for work purposes to and from the workplaces with the presentation of Form A, ae3 (1)completed and signed by the employer and which certifies the need to travel during the above hours.

·       for urgent purposes, ie to go to a medical center or hospital or pharmacy or veterinarian for medical emergencies and to go to the emergency room for people who are unable to self-care or who have to self-protect.

  1. How many times a day will exceptional travel be allowed?

Exceptional travel will be permitted twice a day by texting 8998 for the cases listed on Form B 12032021_revisedEntypoB_EN. People over the age of 65 may use Form B twice daily for their exceptional travel. There are nine (9) categories for exceptional travel by sending SMS.

It is clarified that for the purposes of going to and from work for work purposes the sending of sms is not required, but the employee must present the Form A, signed by his employer.

In addition, for the purposes of transporting a minor or a person with a disability to the school or day care center, a text message from the parents / legal guardians is not required.

  1. What changes in the other categories for SMS use from March 15?

To go to a restaurant (outdoor only), a text message is sent by selecting the number 2.

Category 6 is amended and, in addition to travel for sports and individual training purposes, includes travel for access to public meeting places, ie squaresTo go to picnic areas and dams, where access will be allowed only on March 15, a message is sent to number 6.

All other Categories remain the same.

  1. Is movement between Provinces allowed?

Yes, the movement between the Provinces is allowed provided that the purpose for which the movement occurs, falls into the Categories of SMS use which as a rule does not exceed three (3) hours.



  1. Is access to squares allowed?

Access to the squares is allowed from March 15 for gatherings with a maximum number of 6 people, regardless of age, provided that a text message is sent to 8998 by selecting the number 6 and the reasonable period of three (3) hours is observed.

  1. What is the maximum number of people allowed to gather in public gathering places (parks, linear parks, beaches, nature trails, squares)?

The maximum number of people allowed to gather in parks, linear parks, beaches, nature trails and squares is set at 6 people, regardless of age.

It is understood that people aged 12 and over who gather in the above areas from different households, must wear a protective mask.

  1. Is access to picnic areas and dams allowed?

Access to picnic areas and dams is only allowed for Monday, March 15, 2021. The maximum number of people who can gather at picnic areas and dams on March 15 is 6 adults and in addition their minor children.



  1. Is the operation of the dining areas allowed?

From 16 March, only the outdoor areas of the catering establishments are allowed to operate, in compliance with the health protocol and the guidelines.

The above decision applies only to the following categories of restaurants:

·       Restaurants

·       Hotels and tourist accommodation

·       Taverns

·       Cafes

·       Pizzerias

·       Breweries, snack bars and bars

·       Cafes

·       Canteens and / or dining areas of schools, sports clubs, cultural clubs, clubs, associations, etc.


It is reminded that the service of the public is done exclusively in table seats. If there are bars in the above companies, the direct service of the citizens in them is prohibited and they are used only for the preparation of food and drinks by the staff of the establishment.

  1. What is the maximum number of people outdoors in restaurants?

No maximum number of persons is specified in the outdoor areas of the catering establishments. The number of persons is calculated in each case separately, on the basis of the square meters of each establishment’s premises and meaning that the distance measure is applied as defined in the relevant protocol.

  1. What is the maximum number of people per table?

The maximum number of people per table in the dining areas (outdoor areas of the premises) is 8 people, regardless of age.




Private service companies (eg law firms, accounting firms, insurance companies, service companies, etc.), with the exception of the essential services set out in the Decree, work remotely. The physical presence of employees that does not exceed 30% of the total number of staff with a minimum presence of five (5) people is allowed within the professional premises, if the employer so wishes.

It is understood that if a company operates in more than one building, the physical presence of employees that does not exceed 30% of EACH premise is allowed, with a minimum presence of five (5) people, if the employer so wishes.

For companies co-located in the same building, the physical presence of employees is allowed, as long as it does not exceed 30% of each legal entity (ie of each company), with a minimum presence of five (5) people, if the employer so wishes, provided that the sanitary protocols are adhered to.

The rest of the staff work through teleworking at home. It is understood that the number is rounded up.



  1. Who should undergo rapid antigen test?

All employees who are reactivated in the framework of companies / industries that reopen from March 16, must undergo a rapid antigen test, before returning to their workplace, either free of charge through the program of the Ministry of Health or privately at their own expense.

In addition, employees in companies / industries must undergo a weekly rapid antigen test as defined in question 14.

14. How long does the rapid test result have? Should it be repeated by employees?

The result of the rapid test is valid for seven (7) days, unless in the meantime the person shows symptoms or is characterized by contact and the protocol specified by the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit should be followed.

The employer / company is responsible for coordinating the re-examination of employees, so that at any time and on a weekly basis they have a rapid test in force as defined below:

– Companies / services that employ up to 3 people, the control should be done to all employees.

– Companies / services that employ from 4 to 10 people, the control should be done on at least 4 employees.

– Companies / services that employ more than 10 people, the audit should be done on at least 5 people or 30% of employees, whichever is greater in number.