Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry – Announcement on the Commencement of Beneficial Owners Register of Corporate and other legal entities

Further to the Announcement, dated 19.02.21, the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry announced today that the electronic service, Registration of beneficial owner particulars for companies and other legal entities will be available on 16.03.2021 under the section e-filing services of the Companies Section website.

For further information regarding the operation of the beneficial owner register you may refer to the relevant Directive of the Registrar of Companies (Κ.Δ.Π. 112/2021), which was published today (12.03.2021), in the Official Gazette of the Republic (Ε.Ε. Παρ. ΙΙΙ(Ι) ,Αρ. 5479), as well as to the Guidance for the Interim Solution of the Beneficial Ownership Register.

It is noted that , according to the  Announcement, dated 19.02.2021, companies can begin to enter the details of their beneficial owner onto the interim system solution as of Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

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