As of June 1st, the general public and obliged entities can access the Beneficial Owners Register

The Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry, announces  here as from June 1st 2022 the general public, as well as obliged entities, can have access to information regarding the Beneficial Owners Register of companies and other legal entities.

Up to this point, access to the Register was only available to competent and law enforcement authorities, such as MOKAS (Unit for Combating Money Laundering), Cyprus Police, the Central Bank etc.

To receive information on beneficial owners, interested parties must submit a written application to the Department, together with a fixed fee of €3.50 per company or partnership. Please note that the application must include the name and registration number of the company or other legal entity, as well as an e-mail address for reply purposes.