Clarifications of the Ministry of Health for the decisions of the Council of Ministers that enter into force from 1 June 2022 – Suspension of the obligation to use a protective mask

Following the decisions of the Council of Ministers dated 27 May 2022, regarding the lifting of the remaining measures against COVID-19 disease, the Ministry of Health informs here in Greek, that from 1 June 2022 the following come into force:

  1. the obligation to use a protective mask indoors and indoors is suspended.
  • Employees and visitors over the age of 12 in hospitals, nursing homes, closed structures of vulnerable groups, outpatient clinics, medical centers, rehabilitation centers and public transport are exempted.
  • The use of a mask is recommended in places of high concentration, for people who fall within the vulnerable groups of the population and for people who associate with people at high health risk.
  1. B)   Visits to patients in public and private hospitals with a maximum of 2 people per day are allowed, with the presentation of Rapidtest or 48-hour PCR for people over 6 years (1 person per visit).
  • It is understood that in extremely urgent cases the number of people and visits may be increased, provided that approval is obtained from the management of the hospital.
  1. Abolition of the Action Plan for the smooth conduct of flights and operation of Airports and Ports.

    All travelers arriving in the Republic of Cyprus, regardless of their country of origin, will not be required to present a valid certificate of vaccination or recovery or a negative result from PCR or antigen rapidtest.