Announcement by the Ministry of Health on the decision of the Council of Ministers for the reintroduction of the mandatory use of masks indoors

In the last days, there has been a world-wide increase in all epidemiological indicators, as well as in the number of hospitalized individuals. The increase in infections is due to […]

Cedar Rose to Host Webinar on Best Practices for Assessing and Managing International Credit Risk

When conducting international business, it’s critical for companies to have a comprehensive understanding of the financial health and credit worthiness of their customers to measure risks and develop mitigation strategies […]

Filing of documents for the change of company data at the Registrar of Companies, for companies affected by EU and UN sanctions against Russia and Belarus

The Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property announces  here that, as stipulated by the Unit for the Implementation of Sanctions of the Ministry of Finance (MOF), where documents […]