CIBA and CIIM present – Sustainability and ESG essentials for Business

CIBA and CIIM invite you to an online webinar where will be discussing Sustainability and ESG essentials for Business.

In a rapidly changing world, organizations need to transition to new business models in order to survive and flourish. Sustainability is at the heart of this transition. In this webinar we will shed some light on Sustainability and ESG terms, will discuss what Sustainability and ESG mean for organizations, and provide practical insights on Sustainability and ESG integration.

This introductory webinar is for managers responsible with implementing Sustainability and ESG in their organizations, professionals engaging with stakeholders for sustainability strategies and initiatives, and everyone interested in the concepts of Sustainability and ESG. We will hold a Q&A session at the end of the webinar where participants will have the opportunity to ask questions around the concepts of Sustainability & ESG and their implementation in organisations.

Aglaia Ntili is a seasoned sustainability professional, with over 18 years of international advisory and training experience across a wide range of corporate sustainability, ESG and responsibility fields. Aglaia serves as the Managing Director of Sustainability Knowledge Group, providing Sustainability, ESG and CSR advisory and training services at international corporate level. She is the founder of CSR Coaching, supporting professionals in implementing Corporate Sustainability and ESG and the co-founder of the newly established CIIM-Centre for ESG aiming to mainstream ESG topics. She is the Chair of the UAE and Cyprus chapters of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP). She is recognised with the “Global CSR & Sustainability Leadership Award” for her contribution as a practitioner, trainer, coach, and advisor, and recently recognised as one of the “Top 20 Most Successful Women Leaders of 2022” by The Corporate Magazine

The Presentation of the webinar can be accessed here Webinar_Sustainability & ESG essentials for business