COVID: The Threshold from Capitalism to Talentism

CIBA is pleased to have organised the event COVID: THE Threshold from Capitalism to Talentism in collaboration with Salesforce and Cedar Rose International Services Ltd.


A big thank you to the Coordinator of the event  Mr. Frankie Roche Territory Manager – Greece, Cyprus & Malta 

A warm welcome to the event was given by

Mrs Doxia Nikia Hadjivassiliou, President of the Cyprus International Businesses Association

Mr.  Sinan Erkiner – Regional Vice President – MED | MMEA

Mr. Hubert Mugliett COO of Cedar Rose Int. Services Ltd.


Covid showed us that we must become agile and subjective in business at a different level, an “elevated” level. In the unconscious topology of a business structure, this is the AI: desire- the true dimension of Talentism is for organizations to facilitate desire. The facilitators are the executives and the managers; and at first they have to unfold their own desire. All trainings worldwide are organized around traits and algorithms that point towards an the ideal employee, the ideal manager and the ideal executive: there is no concentration on one’s traits but in their context- this means there is a separation of the trait or skill from the context from which is has been created at the first place. This sort of training will not assist in creating truly agile and subjective leaders and thus Talentism will fail. The proper dimension of Talentism can assist us in achieving the Freudian to love and to work adapted to businesses: that is, to work with love, which can elevate productivity, and working with ease.

“Leaders can no longer rule via checklists or use fear and unquestioning compliance to push their subordinates around. Employees expect and, increasingly, demand more. In our fast-paced, technological world, effective leaders must instead become a creative force. This gives people the opportunity to discover and cultivate the best parts of themselves.” Silvia Damiano


  • “The technology blueprint and how to empower you to be a data driven business – Michael O’Grady / Frankie Roche, Salesforce

Salesforce core values – innovation one of their 4 core values, which is driven by data

Customer 360 – how to really establish a rounded view of your customer

Applications –  applications that need to be considered in collecting the data to proactively or re-actively engage with customers


  • “How AI empowers businesses in the Post-COVID-19 world” – Angelique Assaf, Head of Data Strategy Cedar Rose Int. Services Ltd.

Emphasis on the importance of adoption of AI in any business

Use AI the right way (70% Business process transformation, 20% technology, 10% algorithm)

Be transparent with clients and Employees regarding your AI models