Cyprus Mail Offices announces measures for the protection against COVID-19

Cyprus Mail Offices announces measures for the protection against COVID-19
The Cyprus Post monitors the developments regarding the spread of coronavirus in our country and has as their primary concern the protection of the health of employees and their customers, always following the instructions issued by the competent authorities.

Following on today’s announcements by the President of the Republic and the relevant Ministers, the Department at an extraordinary meeting held on Sunday, 15.03.2020, decided that in addition to the measures announced on Friday and listed below, additional measures will be finalized on Monday, March 16, 2020 and which will be implemented on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 as provided by the decision of the Council of Ministers.

Measures that have already been decided and are of immediate application to the public are:
• Visit Post Offices and Citizen’s Service Centers only when absolutely necessary. The Cyprus Post Office will extend the period in which their clients can receive their items.
• In case they need some information, without the need for a physical presence at the Post Office / Citizens Service Centers, to use the free 80002000 free number, our website or smart device application
• Should they experience any symptoms of coronavirus, avoid going to the Post Office / CSC and take the necessary actions as specified in the instructions of the Ministry of Health
• Take the necessary measures of self-protection and personal hygiene as determined by the instructions of the Ministry of Health
• No attendance in the Post Office waiting room for more than two (2) customers. Post Officers are authorized to regulate the flow of clients within the Office.
• Maintain the necessary distances (at least one meter) from each other while waiting
• Prefer credit card payment wherever possible
• Attach stamps using the humidifiers available at each Post Office.

Among other things, the Cyprus Post has accelerated the installation of a partition glass in the public trading boxes, has supplied each Post Office with antiseptic preparations while disinfection by specialized companies is planned.
No action can bring the desired results unless there is full co-operation and application, in a calm and panic-free manner, of all relevant instructions.