Coronavirus Update – Mandatory Business Closure as of March 16th, 0600hrs for 4 weeks

As already communicated by the President of Cyprus today on the closure of the Private Sector, from Monday 16th March at 6 am and for four weeks, the closure of the following businesses is mandatory as clarified in the press:

• Shopping Malls & Department Stores,
• Cafes, cafes, bars and all catering companies with the exception of those that offer home delivery services,
• Night clubs
• Cinemas and theatres,
• Libraries
• Museums, archaeological and historical sites,
• Gambling agencies, casinos, etc.,
• Sports facilities, sports clubs, cultural groups and associations,
• Theme parks (amusement parks, etc.),
• Barber shops, hairdressers, beauty-massage centers.
As long as they observe strict hygiene rules, they may carry out administrative and other operations behind closed doors.
For reasons of health safety and health of the community, the following categories of enterprises remain open:
• Food retailing (e.g. supermarkets must ensure there are no more than one person per 8 m2);
• Pharmacies
• Private health services (clinical laboratories),
• Markets
• Bakeries and confectioneries (no table seats),
• Gas stations
• Retailers which do not fall under the category of suspension of their operations can continue their work by ensuring that there are no more than five workers in the workplace.
All other companies that are not mentioned in the above categories can continue to operate, as long as they strictly adhere to the hygiene and staff protection rules.
Hotels will suspend operations until 30 April 2020. To serve existing customers, they may continue their operation for a period of six days from today.
With regard to the public service by private, public and wider public sector enterprises (e.g. Banks, Public Utility Payment Offices, Citizens Services Centres) it is strictly stated that the presence of persons in the service area should not exceed one person per 8 square meters.
Arrangements regarding public transport will be announced within the day by the competent Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works.