Emergency Measures for the Limassol and Nicosia Provinces announced by the Ministry of Health on October 12th

Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in recent days, focusing on the Limassol and Nicosia Provinces, which are recorded mainly in workplaces and family gatherings, and with the aim of limiting the spread of the virus in the two Provinces and protecting Public Health, It was decided to apply emergency additional measures in the two districts as follows:

  1. The presence of persons in gatherings in homes and in public gathering places is allowed, excluding the catering establishments, with a maximum number of gatherings of 10 people per house / group, including minor children.
  2. Ecclesiastical and other forms of religious worship in churches, mosques and other religious sites, as well as religious ceremonies, are performed with a maximum number of 75 persons, in accordance with the protocols that apply to places of religious worship.
  3. It is allowed to hold games in sports facilities of the Provinces of Nicosia and Limassol, in the context of sports championships, without the presence of spectators, provided that the relevant protocols are observed. It is recommended to fans whose teams are based in other Provinces not to move from Nicosia and Limassol.
  4. The maximum number of persons allowed to be served in restaurants in the Provinces of Limassol and Nicosia, is set at 75 people indoors and 150 people outdoors. The measure for keeping a distance of 3 sq.m. is still valid in each case for interiors and 2 sq.m. for outdoor spaces per person, regardless of the square meters of each property. For example, if a restaurant in the Limassol and Nicosia Provinces has 400 sq.m. outdoors and based on the measure for keeping a distance of 2 sq.m. per person, could serve up to 200 people, the number of customers can not exceed 150. If a property has 300 sq.m. indoors and based on the measure for keeping a distance of 3 sq.m. per person, could serve up to 100 people, the number of people can not exceed 75. It is understood that in any case no more than 10 people per table can be booked.
  5. The operation of cinemas, theaters and theaters is allowed, with a maximum number of persons of 75 persons indoors and 150 persons outdoors, observing in each case the guidelines and protocols.
  6. Cocktail parties and congratulation ceremonies on weddings and baptisms are prohibited. Only physical presence at lunch or dinner is allowed, with a maximum attendance of 350 people.

The above measures are regulated by a Decree of the Minister of Health that will be issued tomorrow with immediate effect. The measures will last for a period of 10 days, i.e. until the morning of Friday, October 23.

In addition to the above measures that will be implemented locally in Limassol and Nicosia, an appeal is addressed to all employers and employees nationwide, that they consistently and strictly adhere to the health protocols that exist for the various districts / companies. Recent results have shown that there are transmission chains in specific business premises, which shows that the instructions are not applied correctly in all circumstances

In addition, the need for us all to be strict in terms  of personal hygiene, and to pay special attention to our travels and our contacts with other people, is emphasized once again.

Finally, all citizens are reminded that, in case of development of symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, lack of smell, taste, lack of taste), they should immediately contact their Personal Physician for further medical guidance.

The full text in Greek can be found Here.