Revised Directive on the compulsory use of the mask by the general population

In order to protect citizens and public health from COVID-19, the use of a protective mask by the general population, aged 12 and over, becomes mandatory in all indoor areas when there is more than one person, as well as:

  • Public transport,
  • Construction / Construction Workers: Construction workers must use disposable masks when traveling by car (the number of people in the car should not exceed 2 people),
  • Distributors,
  • Elevators.

Exceptions include:

  • Houses,
  • People who actively drink or eat,
  • Dining areas except in take-away cases,
  • People traveling by personal vehicle,
  • People during sports / exercise (e.g. gyms, dance schools, etc.),
  • Cooks/Grillers, only during cooking,
  • People with special cognitive skills / mental / developmental disorders who do not comply with mask application,
  • People with severe neurological / neuromuscular disease who are unable to wear the mask
  • People with anatomical maxillofacial variations / deformities and / or injury.

The above regulation will be valid from tomorrow, October 15, 2020, with the issuance of the relevant Decree.

It is reminded that non-observance of the measures constitutes a violation of a Decree by the citizen himself and the fine of € 300 is borne by the citizen himself and not the company / establishment.

It is noted that the maximum wholesale and retail price of masks is set in the Decree of the Minister of Health Here in Greek, dated 20 August 2020. Any violation of this Decree should be reported immediately to phone 1429 (Consumer Line) to take the appropriate measures.